No Support on Weekends?


On Friday afternoon I reported a problem,via chat, with trying to uninstall a SmartApp. Even the support person could not uninstall it and said this would have to be turned over to engineering. “Fine, whatever”. Seeing it was Friday afternoon, chat support had ended for the weekend so while waiting for a response from engineering I decided I could disable the app by means of modifying the code. Chat support tried uninstalling it and the results was that the app was no longer listed under the IDE option “My Smartapps” (yet it was under the option “My Locations” and both my mobile devices.)

So here I am with an app that cant be uninstalled nor edited and no response from Support since Friday afternoon. Am I to assume that entire ST support team is off on weekends?

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As an indie developer, I’m very curious as to why you would expect technical support 7 days a week.


Not a development issue. Didn’t develop the app that won’t uninstall with the methods/tools provided by ST. Even if I did, they left me with the inability to even edit the code.

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My post was about the expectation of support personnel being available 7 days/week… and where that comes from.

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So you installed an app? From code or in the mobile app? Where are you trying to remove it? Mobile or ide?

What smartapp?

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Working the weekend is the devils work… Been there done that, it’s depressing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Did you try > My locations > smartapps > Edit > uninstall … the app you want gone.

I took a few tries to get it to work for me… but it should nuke any smartapp.

Hmmm… No support on the weekends? I see 5 different “Engineers” providing “support” on this one issue :wink:

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SmartThings is a “live” consumer service that is expected to run 24x7. My motion activated lights, etc. are still needed on the weekends.

So why shouldn’t support be 24x7, just like a Bank that runs ATMs 24x7… etc.


I tried to remove it via iOS and android mobiles as well as IDE My Apps and My Location. When all failed on Friday afternoon I contacted support via chat. They were not able to remove it either however some how the app disappeared from underneath the IDE option My Smart Apps. It is still visible under IDE My Locations and on both mobiles. Given all inputs within the app are mandatory and the app can no longer be edited I am unable to uninstall nor disable.

This app is very widely used and I strongly doubt it is the cause of my problems mentioned above. Naming it may suggest otherwise and be unfair to its author.


I guess Support does work weekends. Just got word from them that this problem has been accelerated to the data admin folks. Obviously not a straightforward fix. At least I know they were looking at it this weekend. Question answered to my satisfaction :grinning:

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So you’re comparing a small startup providing their hub for a hundred dollars, and their service for free, to a bank… LOL!

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Samsung is hardly “a small startup”. And many Credit Union customers a trivial income, but they outsource first-line Customer Service and route technical problems to on-call engineers.

Yes… SmartThings is certainly going to be on a “follow the clock” model for support.

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I thought that the Sammy acquisition was not going to change the culture of the company? Have you tried availing yourself of Samsung support services? Is that what you really want for SmartThings?

Outsourcing highly technical support rarely improves the customer experience. Having clueless reps available 24/7 is hardly preferable to actual, M-F; 9-5, in-house personnel.