Anyone else having a hard time uninstalling apps from the IDE?

(Keith Croshaw) #1

I recently wrote an app that I hope doesn’t have some belligerent code that is refusing to be uninstalled. Whenever I’m on my SmartApps page in the locations column I see it running, I click the X to kill it but when I reload the page it’s there again. I even went into Locations and uninstalled it there and got the same behavior.

Is it my app or ST? Thanks.

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(Ray) #2

You are not the only one. Couple of people on this post as well. Can't delete smartapp

(Keith Croshaw) #3

I installed it again and uninstalled it, that seemed to work.

(DLee) #4

Yes, and saving errors when setting up an app last night and this morning. And I need to click “Log In” multiple times to get into IDE (no dashboard running). And I’ve had a round of z-wave mesh network struggles for 24 hours.

(Keith Croshaw) #5

Yea I’m seeing the multiple log in requirements too.

(DLee) #6

Just happened again when clicking “Done”. After trying a couple times and reverting back in the app, I can see it actually does save the change within the app. Will email support.

(Keith Croshaw) #7

Very odd behavior in general over the past few days.

(Rosemary Smith) #8

I want to get rid of it as well.

(Keith Croshaw) #9

Wow this is an old dead post. @MimiCT what are you trying to uninstall? Logging into the IDE gives you the best chance of uninstalling an app if it’s stuck.