Anyone else having a hard time uninstalling apps from the IDE?

I recently wrote an app that I hope doesn’t have some belligerent code that is refusing to be uninstalled. Whenever I’m on my SmartApps page in the locations column I see it running, I click the X to kill it but when I reload the page it’s there again. I even went into Locations and uninstalled it there and got the same behavior.

Is it my app or ST? Thanks.

You are not the only one. Couple of people on this post as well. Can't delete smartapp

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I installed it again and uninstalled it, that seemed to work.

Yes, and saving errors when setting up an app last night and this morning. And I need to click “Log In” multiple times to get into IDE (no dashboard running). And I’ve had a round of z-wave mesh network struggles for 24 hours.

Yea I’m seeing the multiple log in requirements too.

Just happened again when clicking “Done”. After trying a couple times and reverting back in the app, I can see it actually does save the change within the app. Will email support.

Very odd behavior in general over the past few days.

I want to get rid of it as well.

Wow this is an old dead post. @MimiCT what are you trying to uninstall? Logging into the IDE gives you the best chance of uninstalling an app if it’s stuck.