No smartapps or marketplace shows up in my app

Got a V2 a week ago.

In my classic app marketplace is “blank” and “+add smartapps” shuts down the app on my Huawei P10+, but nothing happens either on my android tab or Ipad.

Norwegian account if maybe that is the problem?

I believe so. Your Samsung account’s region determines what you see. I know for sure in the new app, and maybe in the Classic app as well (except that it causes a shutdown of the app)

That was obviously the problem. Strange that no one in the norwegian facebook group have the same problem, but maybe because they have it already.

Factory reset my HUB and logged in with a new UK account, and Marketplace was no longer blank.


Hmm… I have a V2 in Denmark and a Danish account with no problems, so it sounds odd if my neighbours to the north should have these limitations…
@ryvaenge Have you checked if your timezone in IDE is correct…? That have caused funny problems for some…

Perhaps that too. I know for sure in the new app that was my problem. For some reason my account was not in the US, so no SmartApps were available until I had Samsung reset my region.

I can’t recall if the Classic app had an issue because I hadn’t had a need to get into the Marketplace for a long time.

The only real way to know would be for ST support to dig into this.


Timezone is correct, I guess this is because you have activated it earlier or something. I got mine last saturday.

Not very pleased, but hope it will get better. Reason I needed marketplace was Webcore I guessed I needed for AND logic in scenes (routines). But found that in the new app now.

Can mention that I used my Samsung Account.

Now back to start if I cannot migrate my old account somehow.


I have seen that those in Norway that have received V3 need to create an UK account, but never seen this mentioned for V2.

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