No SHM monitoring notifications

Newish ST user here. I have admittedly been fumbling through things…

I have several door and window sensors, plus some motions.

Problem is- no notifications. notifications in iOS are on. Security is on in SHM. All the sensors being monitored. Notifications on.

Doesn’t do me much good to have a security setup that doesn’t tell anyone when an intruder violates my home until I happen to open the app and see the flashing lights!

And input?

If you want the best security system with Smartthings look at the ADT Smartthings starter kit.

If that isn’t an option can you answer a question about what mobile app version you are using and then which version of SHM you have installed. SHM has different versions based on if it was installed in the new app or the Smartthings classic app.

Maybe, if their sensors were not so clunky and the system closed. It’s not an option for me.

I am using the new app (version 1.6.128-225), and have always been in this version of the app. SHM was installed within this app.

Well if you are using the new app there isn’t much that can be done. The new version uses the new API’s and as such doesn’t present much if anything to Smartthings. It also is limited to push notifications which will likely be just one and then stop.

The sensors could be a bit more stylish, but they do work. My system has been stupid for over a year now and they have worked great.

As far as being closed off I have found there are a lot of misconceptions about that. If you can explain what you see as issues along that line I can probably explain if they are true issues. The only limitation that really exists is the need to use the dual branded sensors for alarm triggering and monitoring to the ADT monitoring center. If you are not to concerned with that then you can do anything.

I am not using the New app on a daily basis. I only check it out every so often to check how it is coming along and to see what is still showing disconnected or checking staus. I can say that I have the same no notification symptom on the android version. It does not even switch to any intrusion detected alert on the SHM card within the app. The funny thing is that if a sensor is open when going to an armed state a pop up notification is made using the classic app but is not listed in the classic notification history. Weird as everything I have seen says the two versions of SHM are totally separate between the two apps.

Are you getting any other notifications from the app? Try creating a custom automation rule to send a notification when a motion sensor (or other common sensor) is triggered and see if that works. That will eliminate a phone issue vs SmartThings issue.

Other notifications work in the new app using android, just not SHM. At least for me.

Just did the custom automation and no notification there either.

I deleted SHM re-added it in the new app. SHM intrusion in the card and notifications are now working. You may want to try that if you havent @andymnelson

Good idea. I have turned “security” off and back on and reset. Is there a way to remove SHM completely? I have leak sensors too. If I turn them off, there’s no option at the bottom to confirm…only cancel. Is there something else I should be doing?

With android, to delete SHM in the new app you select automatons in the hamburger menu, long press to select SHM for deletion and press delete at the bottom. You will have to set up security, smoke and leaks portions again after re-adding the SHM automation/app.

Sounds like you have an issue with the app. have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app?

That did not help. No notifications, open app and flashing red light and “intrusion detected”. I’ll uninstall app and try again.

How do you add the wifi hub to the classic app??

The forums are so cluttered with info that a search gives so much mixed results…

The classic and new app pull from the same backend so when you set your hub in either app the other is setup as well. Just make sure you log in with the same account.

Thanks. I’m logged into new app, as well as classic. No hub or devices in classic.

However, the uninstall and reinstall of the new app seems to have fixed the notification problem!

Check to see if you have a second location in the classic app.

It doesn’t have one location in the classic app.