No network connection

All my scenes and all my automations work perfectly.
My problem is that I suddenly can’t see any of my connected devices in the Smartthing app
I can not see scenes nor my automations. I can not see anything,
and therefore I can not make changes.
The app is empty and I can not communicate with Smartthing’s app at all - the only thing I can see is one
message that says “Preparing it all”.

When I press menu → offlinediagnosis in the Smartthing app, it says that it is not possible to find
an available network, but every other app on my phone works perfect. So my network works perfectly
Smartthing’s app is also installed on my other phone where there is exactly the same problem.

When I address I have the exact same problem - no devices, no scenes,
and no automations.

Also - I have not pressed the “Delete Smartthing from your account”

And yes I have the latest Smartthings app.

I would avoid this option as it deletes everything.

Best advice is to contact ST support and let them investigate.

US: 1-866-813-2404
UK support 0333 0000333