Edit Scene - No Network Connection

I have a scene which has a “device has been removed” warning, so I am trying to edit it to remove that device or change it to the devices new name but when I edit it and click save I get a “no network connection” error. I can edit other scenes without any issues. Is there a solution or do I need to delete the scene and create a new one (which would be a PITA since it’s linked in multiple places).

I believe you are going to need to take the PITA approach. Create a new scene and remove the old one.

what happens if you try to edit the current scene by removing the placeholder of removed devices but not adding the replacement and saving the scene (depending how scene is set up)?

I few hours ago I was getting network errors too. I suspect that is was a issue with the SmartThings site. It’s back now, I’m EU based

I have tried just removing the placeholder as well as replacing it, same issue either way. I was hoping there was an alternative method.