No Music on --> Door Open --> Notify Happens --> Music starts playing

Using Speaker Companion SmartApp in SmartThings to say: When contact opens/closes then play notification sound, also have the “Resume currently playing music after notification” enabled.

Two scenarios going on here…

  1. Music is playing, someone opens the front door. As expected, music pauses, notification sound plays, then music resumes. Perfect!

  2. Music NOT playing, someone opens the front door. As expected, notification plays… but then the music queues up from whatever was previously being played.

Wondering if anyone has done something like this and is experiencing the same behavior?
I know webcore/core would do a better job, but I’m not as savvy as I would like to be in that

You need to poll the speaker more often. The problem that can happen then is if you have back to back notifications, you can run into the same problem.

My advice is to try Big Talker 2.0 and use the polling feature

I will give that a shot and see if that help me situation

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have it installed… will have to play around with it. Didn’t see anything sticking out that would allow me to play a door chime noise (similar to how an alarm system chirps when you open a contact).

Not really looking for sonos to speak to me every time a contact opens/closes.

Sorry, I somehow missed that was your goal.

I have this same issue with dnla speakers using webcore or another app.

I’m also seeing this, seems to have started pretty recently, maybe the last few weeks. Really diconcerting. Is there a way to file bugs with SmartThings, since they maintain Speaker Companion?