Automating music on a Galaxy Phone with an ST Trigger? ... sigh (2023)

spent a solid hour perusing the interwebs and this forum, for a simple way to stream music, a video, or even a specific sound on cue from an automation… or a Routine… is it still called a Scene? … whatever… and i must say, its kind of sad that no such simple ecosystem exists.

are you Devs dev’ing in silence? do you not have music playing in the background while you code? please tell me you’re not sitting in a dark room alone in silence while you work from home.

i find it odd, that with the tools i currently have, an android phone (note20 ultra), an aeotec hub, some zwave switches, some zigbee contact sensors, a wifi router, 120 volts of electricity, and all my fingers and toes, and i cannot flip the bathroom switch between the hours of 6:30am and 7 and get my phone to start playing music, or begin streaming a service, or a specific URL from the internets.

so many posts i went through tonight, seeing how others have tried to create a welcome home scene… i meant routine… sorry… and they all have come up short, or inadequate, or expensive and complicated in their simple mission to play music when the clock strikes the hour of their desire.

now, im sure theres someone reading this, and saying, oh yea, that can be done, i can do that, all depends on… and you should buy this system, and this and that… but… to that human i say, lets keep it simple and affordable. please. and in house if at all possible my Samsung fan.

sure, i could do what this man did, but WOW, the complication, the savvy involved and the expense.
perhaps a sonos system that doesnt work when you want like this fella the price of sonos is absurd, lets just keep it real, shall we.
even this apple user, his thread died and little was gained from his post even the advice he was given was a complicated mess of 3rd party hardware and software.

so, to land this rocket, please allow me to ask for a simple solution that doesnt involve buying 3rd and 4th party hardware and software, at great expense, and even greater complication that might have me in someone elses forum, asking, why doesnt this work. i can accept dealing with a 2nd party integration, that usually works… kind of… if you think its possible to do with the tools i mentioned before, that i have on hand, chime in, let me know. thank you for coming to my tedtalk.

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i think maybe it was lost upon you guys that i dont want to buy anything else to achieve this. @Automated_House what i meant by in-house, is from within Smart Things native capabilities. how did you get the Then statement PLAY A FAVORITE: ROCK THIS < what app unlocked this?

i dont want to buy any smart speakers. id like an in-house feature added to Samsung Music, and integration of an already existing application. Does anyone even use Samsung Music for anything? would you say that it is under developed?

ahh, so then not only would your suggestion be expensive, but 2nd party. not what im looking for.

budget? im like 2000 deep into home automation already with the tools i listed above, and i still cant play music from a light switch ? lol

yes yes, this i know already brother. how difficult would it be to develop Samsung Music to have this integration?

ah yes, youre right, i do indeed have a Note20 Ultra

insert wrong answer buzzer noises here. hahaha

YES, THIS ! how !!??

how how how how ? :slight_smile: if this exists, i havent found the way yet. but this would negate this entire thread.

i posted in the Devices & Integrations category, as i felt it fit the description pretty accurately. discuss any number of things that can connect to the internet with subcategory Capability Type Suggestions, Device Ideas or Community Created Device Types. which i feel my OP covered in detail. why was it put into the Wiki forum ?

Are you familiar with Bixby Routines? That’s what allows you to automate music playing on a Samsung galaxy phone.

I don’t know the details myself, but hopefully others will respond who do. There may also be a variation in features depending on the country you live in, so it would help to know that.

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Bixby routines do offer the ability to play music from various source inc Samsung music

If you need to find Bixby routines which are pre installed on your device the search option on the device should help

If looking to start the music playing with a routine, create a virtual device in Smartthings, there are various types and ways dependant on your needs, and set up a routine to notify you the device or routine is started, the notification must have a key word or 2, In bixby routines IF section, scroll down to ( Notification recieved ) type your key words and save

so every time you start the routine or it starts automaticaly, the virtual device opens/closes/switches on/off your call, the notification runs with the keywords, Bixby routines sees the keywords and the THEN part ( Open App ) - ( Samsung Music ) of the routine plays Samsung music and your favorites if required


I know you can use an NFC tag as a Bixby routine trigger. Can you also use the state of specific devices in your Smartthings account? Like a sensor or a light switch? :thinking:

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Yes, but only with a notification set up in ST and Bixby IF will look for a specific key word in the notification

Light ON
ST notification ( Anyword )
Bixby IF
Notification recieved
Notification with specific keyword
keyword ( Anyword )
hit the + sign
Bixby Then
Open an App or do an App action
Samsung Music
Favorite tracks or whatever is selectable

All pre installed on the device, no cost, simple and configurable
Its Not Rocket Science :slight_smile:


understood, however, looking back, this indeed is totally in-house after finding the solution from @fido

murica baby ! hehe

no, seemingly you cannot, Modes and Routines can only control Smart Things… Smart Things cannot control Modes and Routines, however… passively with the solution provided by @fido

it works! im amazed. it was only a slightly convoluted evolution. is it possible to select a specific song?

i find it odd that Bixby Routines and Modes can easily control Smart Things devices, but Smart Things, cannot control Bixby Modes and Routines.

thanks fellas, this is definitely a viable in-house solution. with some caveats if specificity is not allowed. specific URL? specific playlist ?


Now that we understand the specifics of your question, I’ve moved it back to Devices.

Another case of the first rule of home automation: “the model number matters.” :wink:

In this case, the specific model of your phone lets you use Bixby routines. But that’s not available to people with other phone models.

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i like this word. now… can we specifically play a specific song?

hmmm, this is a key piece of info, as id like to get another galaxy phone for media/music in the garage. is there a list you can point me to for compatible galaxy devices that have bixby?

Same link I posted above.

Use Bixby Routines on your Galaxy phone

Note: This feature is available on the Galaxy S10, S20, S21, S22, Note10, Note20, A52, Z Fold, and Z Flip series phones.

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roger that. i was just wondering if that was an all inclusive list and not merely a suggestion of devices. ok thanks.

again, thanks a lot to all who helped find this in house solution. without having to spend more on expensive sonos devices… maybe when sonos can make a subwoofer that hits 20hz, ill take a look at their product. cheers fellas

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Sonos Sub mini goes to 25hz as well as the Gen 3 Sonos sub, if you think .5Hz will make a difference they may not be for you

thats 5 hz, not point 5. if they do make a 20hz or even a subsonic woofer, it will probably cost an even more ridiculous amount… i saw a pair of nike’s though on ebay, 12 thousand dollars, limited editions… not even free shipping… thats definitely not for me, might be for you though. i’ll stick to my SVS PB-1000 woofer, that has real fidelity.

back on topic, seeing what Bixby Routines has to offer… its limited. wpuld love to see more options in the Then category

Spotify play lists
Tap one of the options
Select your spotify play list

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it wouldnt allow me to select any of My Playlists. only suggested playlists. to select search… is there a way to automate “typing” couldnt not find a way to enter anything into the search box with ol Bixby.

tap a suggested playlist, it is a bit mis leading, what you see is a sugestion of mood or time
tap a suggested playlist which then opens your actual spotify playlists

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