Sonos Speaker Companion Extremely Unreliable

Hi All,

I’ve recently treated myself so a Sonos Beam and a couple of Sonos Play:1 speakers. It integrated with my SmartThings system like a breeze!

However, I’ve tried testing the ‘Speaker Companion’ SmartApp and I’m getting very, very unreliable results to say the least. In fact… it’s barely working.

I’ve set it up so that when my front door opens, my speaker should play the ‘Bell 1’ notification. But when I open my front door, I get no sound from the Sonos speaker. However, if I go to my speaker under ‘Things’ and look at the recent history… it does show that ‘playTrackAndResume’ command was sent to my speaker when the door was open. Interesting!

I’ve also noticed next to the Speaker Companion SmartApp that there is a little ‘play’ button. If I press that repeatedly enough, I get the Bell 1 notification to play on the Sonos. I got to a point once where, pressing the play button was working every time. When this was the case, I went and opened the front door and got the notification! I thought I had accidentally cracked it.

However, immediately after it went back to not working again.

Any thoughts anyone?


I’ve had similar results with that SmartApp but once I migrated to WebCore pistons its all worked.
It also allows you to specify multiple speakers as output sinks as well.

Speaker Companion doesn’t play well with Sonos as it tends to start playing the last track on my playlist after every SmartThings event. Gets tiring fast.