Speaker Notify with Sound SmartApp Missing?

I have installed this SmartApp “Speaker Notify with Sound” on all my doors some months ago. Now I would like to add some additional Notify with sound apps but cannot seem to find the App. I found “Speaker Companion” which says it can play a custom message but it doesn’t give me that option when going thru the steps. It has a line that says “This speaker can only play current selection” but my old smart apps still play the warning when the doors open. Any help would be appreciated.

What I think I have figured out is that Speaker Companion replaced Notify with Sound, and that Speaker Companion for some reason (per SmartThings support) requires that the device handler have the audionotification capability which the generic media renderer player does NOT have.

Your options would therefore appear to be to:
Use a different SmartApp (e.g. a custom one from the maker of Generic Media Renderer).
Lobby the maker of the existing DLNA player device handler to incorporate audionotification capability.
Fork out money for whatever Speaker SmartThings is advocating with this design choice.