No Longer Able To Create Nest Developer Profile?

I’m fairly new to the smart home community, and I’m still attempting to wrap my head around the programming, IDE, GitHub, etc. This is my first post on the SmartThings community board, so go easy. I was able to install the NST Manager and NST Automations apps with the Community Installer. I went to the Nest website to set up a developer account, per the instructions, ans it states they are no longer accepting new developers into the program, and it does not allow me to create an account. Does this mean I’m SOL when it comes to having Nest integration with my SmartThings hub? If that’s the case then I’m going to get rid of my Nest products.

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They are no longer accepting accounts for reviews but you can set up an OAuth Authentication that you can use. Then you can use the free NST Manager



I cant seem to get to a website where I can set up an OAuth Authentication, can you provide a link?



I’m wondering if it’s still possible to create the necessary developer account to use homebridge for example? Like sithlrd was saying it seems that they’ve hidden the sign up form and the link above me is just a link to the nest api documentation which ultimately leads nowhere useful anymore.

It appears that Google has shut it down for new developers.

Would someone be willing to summarize in laymen’s terms the status of the Works With Nest auth tokens as of now and going forward as it to relates to NST Manager?

Can new Nest users use the NST Manager?
Will existing users be able to continue to use NST Manager after Aug 31st?
Will new Nest users after Aug 31st be able to use NST Manager?
I read that the dev’s auth tokens are now embeded in the code and there are a couple hundred tokens left, does that mean that once those are used up. No new Nest users can use NST Manager?

I’ve been reading this thread and I see different posts saying seemingly different things, just trying to get an understanding of what’s going on and what to expect going forward.

Thank you

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