Nest Developer account not working with NST

I created a Nest Developer account and followed the instructions to create a new product. I’m assuming Nest updated “Create New Product” to “Create a new OAuth Client” because create new product is no longer an option.

I’m still getting Client ID and secret missing in the app.

Am I missing something or is OAuth not correct?

Are you using NST Manager? When you entered Client ID and Secret, did you enter them in the boxes to the right of the field names or did you enter them on top of the field names? We see many users entering the data on top of when they should be placing them in the fields to the right of the names.

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There is an alternative, which is much simpler, and does not require to create a Nest developer account.

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That was the issue, thanks for the help. I knew it was something simple.

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I am have great difficulty getting my Nest Client ID and Secret into Oauth. It states that the code is auto-generated and will not allow me to manually enter.

Where and how Can I enter the Client ID and Secret I received thru the NEST Developers

page ?

Thank you in advance for any help that can be provided

Jeremy Gilroy

Please remove the images from your post as they reveal your info that should not be seen by others. Click on the pencil below your post to edit it.

Read the following file to discover where to paste your info in NST Smartapps in IDE. That part is at the very end

Thank you jkp

The info in the post is the auto generated and not my personal.
I had followed the instruction but somehow not to completion.

Thanks for pointing out the miss.
I have the Nest now working with SmartThings.