[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

Did you install nst manager under
“My SmartApps”


  • ensure you did save and publish for me.

Getting a notification in SmarthThings app that NST Manager is outdated (Current v5.5.8, New: 5.6.0). Went to IDE and update SmartThings Apps and Device Handlers (in no particular order, may not have matched with the recommended order).
However, the message in the app continues to show. It’s like the app is still using the old code.

Am I doing something wrong? Should I reinstall the SmartThings App? This may cause me to loose all automations that use use any of the NST devices, correct? Any other suggestions?

If you updated manually, make sure you did save “for me”.

If you are sure everything is updated, go into NST manager in the smartthings classic mobile app, and hit done/save to get out.

@E_Sch: Thanks for the reply!

I updated using the github integration.

I wen into NST manager in the SmartThings Classic app and hit done/save.

Still no luck though. It’s still showing the message.

I’m fairly new to the smart home community, and I’m still attempting to wrap my head around the programming, IDE, GitHub, etc. This is my first post on the SmartThings community board, so go easy on the newbie. I was able to install the NST Manager and NST Automations apps with the Community Installer. I went to the Nest website to set up a developer account, per the instructions, ans it states they are no longer accepting new developers into the program, and it does not allow me to create an account. Does this mean I’m SOL when it comes to having Nest integration with my SmartThings hub? If that’s the case then I’m going to get rid of my Nest products.

I replied to your other post…

Is there a step by step process for setting up OAuth Authentication? The directions for the NST manager install were very specific and detailed. All of this is new to me, so I need more detailed direction. What, where, when, how, etc. Thanks in advance.

I recently started getting "The app has not refreshed data in the last (XXX) seconds. This started a week or two ago and doesn’t appear to recover on its own. The Thermostats appear offline. If I go through the smartapp screens and save them it sometimes refreshes and appears to be online again for a while but then starts the errors again. The devices themselves ARE online with the Nest servers. Possibly something to do with the API. Not sure. I have been using this with my own developer tokens for ages. Not sure why this would suddenly start. Any ideas on troubleshooting?

Here’s some output from the IDE- and I just noticed “finishPoll: Polling BLOCKED”. (I’m using the streaming server on a raspberry pi)

6b26ca65-ce96-49cd-bbf4-e64d853aeae1  2:53:11 PM: info ||| NST Manager (v5.6.0) | schedNextWorkQ ALREADY PENDING │ *RATE LIMITING ON* queue: 0 │ schedTime: 64 │ recentSendCmd: 0 │ last seconds: 1115 │ cmdDelay: 4 | runInActive: true | command proc: false | Api Limited: null
6b26ca65-ce96-49cd-bbf4-e64d853aeae1  2:53:11 PM: warn || NST Manager (v5.6.0) | finishPoll: Polling BLOCKED | Reason: (Sending Cmd)
6b26ca65-ce96-49cd-bbf4-e64d853aeae1  2:53:10 PM: info ||| NST Manager (v5.6.0) | schedNextWorkQ RUNIN │ *RATE LIMITING ON* queue: 0 │ schedTime: 64 │ recentSendCmd: 0 │ last seconds: 1114 │ cmdDelay: 4 | runInActive: true | command proc: false | Api Limited: null
6b26ca65-ce96-49cd-bbf4-e64d853aeae1  2:53:10 PM: info ||| NST Manager (v5.6.0) | Adding Cmd to Queue 0 (qsize: 1): uJETlDqyUL1bDzfAoJgGMUEHx1JQ3uHO, devices/thermostats, target_temperature_low_f, 68, uJETlDqyUL1bDzfAoJgGMUEHx1JQ3uHO
6b26ca65-ce96-49cd-bbf4-e64d853aeae1  2:53:10 PM: debug NST Manager (v5.6.0) | setTargetTempLow | Setting Thermostat (Nest Thermostat - Bedroom (Nest Gen 1) - uJETlDqyUL1bDzfAoJgGMUEHx1JQ3uHO) Target Temp Low to (68°F)
6b26ca65-ce96-49cd-bbf4-e64d853aeae1  2:52:30 PM: error | NST Manager (v5.6.0) | 
The app has not refreshed data in the last (58885) seconds.
Please try refreshing data using device refresh button.

Also seeing this error:

[6b26ca65-ce96-49cd-bbf4-e64d853aeae1](https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/logs#6b26ca65-ce96-49cd-bbf4-e64d853aeae1) 2:56:03 PM: error lanStreamEvtHandler Exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: bad character in base64 value @line 3917 (lanStreamEvtHandler)

This error is you need to turn off “Use Local Network to Send Events”

this is under
NST Manager -> Nest Streaming (Active)

This is due to a platform change smartthings made that broke this.

Ensure you done, next, save your way out of NST Manager.

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With @E_Sch’s help I was able to figure out my problem. I had to select “Publish -> For Me” under “My Smartapps” -> " “tonesto7 : Nest Manager” in the SmartThings IDE.

Thanks! Glad it was that easy.

I can’t find any details on OAuth Authentication to get NST Manager to work without a developer account. Is there a guide?

I’m having a problem with NST Manager not getting data. Last received was Feb 22nd. Any idea how to kick it back to life?

Usually you start with

  • open an IDE “Live logging window”
  • go into the ST classic mobile app, go into NST manager and hit done

-see if things get moving in the live logging window, or if errors, post them as a private message

Not sure if I am missing something obvious here - I am trying to get a Nest Protect set up, went through all the steps, everything seemed to work fine, but its not displaying any data, either in the app or the external browser. Polling is set for every three minutes but it also says that polling isn’t active.

Did you set the appropriate permissions for the protects in your Nest Developer Account?

Yes, I’ve checked over them a few times to make sure nothing was missed.

Device handler is installed and published in IDE?

Yes, the camera, protect and thermostat handlers are all installed and published. I did the full install using the ST Community Installer.