Missing Device

(Bruce) #1

I have a device in my system, a SmartPower outlet, that seems to be functioning properly. However, it does not appear in any selection for capability.switch in a SmartApp, any SmartApp. No SmartApp can see the device in its selections. It appears in the Things list, it appears in the IDE, it appears in Rooms.

If I drill into the device details in the mobile app, and select SmartApps, one of the apps shown is a Routine. If I open up the Routine, the device is missing from the list of devices in the Routine, even thought the device lists the Routine as a SmartApp.

Very strange!! Anyone else see this before?

(Bobby) #2


(Shane Schwarzman) #3

I’m having this issue with ALL my hue lights. Same thing they don’t list in the app, but they fire every time.

(Matt) #4

Me too. All my devices that were added through device handlers are not showing up in rooms, or in any list other than the full things list.

I also get an access denied error when trying to access the MyQ devices from the web interface.