No Hub In Your Current Location (New App)

I am having this issue as well. I am not able to add new devices to the hub which i think is because of the issue @Brad_ST mentioned - Hub shows up in IDE as well as in the Classic app but does not show up in the new app and i get the error"No hub available in your current location." Any resolution please?

EDIT: support resolved it. I am all set.

Is it possible to add my hub to a room from the Classic app or IDE? My hub shows up in both spots, but I don’t see a way to link the hub to a room from either tool. I can’t add the hub to a room from the new app because it won’t let me see or add the hub. When I try and add it in the new app, it tells me that the hub is already registered and I need an invite from the owner.

@Brad_ST Could you work your magic for me as well? I have open ticket 1040459.

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Same issue as @ic32

Support couldn’t help and said to expect a response in 7 days due to so many migration issues.

Really hoping @Brad_ST can help me too. I’m unable to add any new devices.

I have the same issue too. I have 3 locations and can’t see the hub in one location (but can in the other two locations). So I can’t install the new devices I need. Spent forever on the phone with support this morning and they are puzzled. Help @Brad_ST please. My account email is

I am still waiting on a fix but for the time being for folks having this issue, i found this workaround on reddit:

Had the same issue. Reported it to Smartthings support. Only workaround I found was to add the device directly to a room instead of the main hub screen. Got it to work for two different devices this way. Top left menu —> Rooms —> click on the room where you want to put the device —> then click the + at the top of the room screen. It didn’t ask me to select a hub from there.

Good luck. This migration has been a major pain in the butt.