No feedback to app from "Things"

Mainly with GE wall switches. If I turn a light “on” with the app, sometimes the switch won’t get the signal (so light stays off) yet my app will indicate it is “on”.

I just turned a light on (using the physical switch) and the light came on, but my app indicator does not change (indicates it is off)

Basically, there seems to be no feedback from the “thing” back to the app saying if it is ACTUALLY on or off.

Sometimes I’ll see a light is on, app indicates it is off. To turn it off I have to turn it “on” in the app and then “off”.

I thought one of the benefits is that you can check (via app when you are away) if your lights etc. are on/off.

I’m using a Windows phone, and I know the apps for Windows don’t get the same attention as apple/android… so that may be problem (?)

This is likely nothing to do with your phone and more than likely the infrastructure of your network… The symptoms you describe seem to indicate that the ‘things’ and your hub aren’t communicating well.

Some questions so everyone can understand the conditions you have

  1. are these GE switches the Z-Wave or zigbee variety?
  2. how far are they from the hub?
  3. do you have ‘device health’ turned on in the app?

Windows no longer gets any attention from SmartThings. They dropped that a while ago. So it very well could be an old app version problem.

Thanks Nathan.


Some are far (out building) but I have repeaters (good line of sight). The far ones sometimes won’t turn on/off with app, but work 95% (so decent connection). The one I had just turned on via the switch is only about 30’ from the base station with only interior drywall walls between.

Not sure how to set ‘device health’. Can’t find anything like ‘settings’ on the app. been looking at all the screens and menus (under the “…” icon etc).

Keep in mind that a lot of processing is done in the cloud, so functionality is affected by things beyond your control. I have things working good for weeks and suddenly what you describe just happens. It’s been like that for like 4-5 months, not before. And then suddenly everything works again. I just learned to live with it and not rely 100% on automation.

Yeah - they didn’t add device health into the app until after they stopped updating / supporting WinPhone. (I was a long time MSFT employee and carried a WinPhone for a LONG time - trust me I was disappointed too) But, let’s ignore that for a while because you’re getting 95% not 0%. If device health is biting you you’ll see the devices just stop.

You could try a Z-wave repair from your app and see if it gets better… It still kinda smells like a signal thing.

Are you familiar with the IDE? ( There’s a decent logging tool in there that will help you determine if the command is either A) not coming from your phone or B) not making it to/from the device. You can watch the log for a certain device as you toggle state and see if you see the commands / status come through.

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Pressing the red button on the back of the hub once to reboot won’t hurt either.

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