Issues with GE 12721

(Kevin Britain) #1

Hey, by chance has anyone had any issues with the GE 12721 outlet… I installed this over the weekend and it works when you physically press the switch on the device but not so much when you activate it via the app… attempted remove and added it back as well as the repair zwave network… any advise? Thanks…

(Andrea Bianco) #2

to start - is your device paired to the hub and you can NOT toggle it on and off?
Does it appear to indicate ON / OFF in the mobile app?
do you have something plugged into it ? does the device NOT go on and off? What do you have plugged in ?
Which of the 2 outlets do you have the device plugged into - the Top or Bottom?
ONLY the bottom is a smart switch - the top is ALWAYS on and NOT controlled with the APP… it works as any old dumb outlet.

Do you see the indicator light go and or off?

(Kevin Britain) #3

Hi and thanks for the response… yes i was able to pair to hub via the mobile app and at that point if i toggled it on or off via app it turned on or off and you heard the click on the internal relay as well as the attributed blue led… i’m also aware that only one of the outlets are controlled and the other is always on… however after all that was done, if i launch the app and touch on or off the switch does not comply all the time or when it does there is a 30 second delay… my plan as i’ve done in other parts of my house is connect an under cabinet led light system that is triggered using a smartthings motion sensor, so when the device senses motion the led strip comes on, then after a minute of no motion the led turns off… as i’ve mentioned above i’ve done this in other parts of my house with no problem however this is the first time that i’m using the GE 12721… and i just read some quite scathing reviews on amazon…

(Andrea Bianco) #4

If I understand it sounds like you have other smart outlets installed and working in your home. Are the other outlets (and /or in wall switches) zwave (vs. zigbee) too? I am heading down your networking topology path because you have mentioned lag in execution. Because it works “sometimes” I would say it is not a hardware device complete failure (lemon).
I would consider 2 things to start with

  1. Run a zwave repair utility
  2. re- pair the outlet - do a device exclusion first (try again from the beginning)

Do you know how to do both of these things ? If not, I will post more details or PM (private message) -

GE does have some noted device failure(s) - both with just the Z wave technology dropping off the device, or a total hardward failure (which this is not). I would try a little more trouble shooting (there is great support here on the forum) if not return / exchnge. I have MANY GE switches and outlets as well as other brands so have some experience with these devices.

(Kevin Britain) #5

Hey, thanks again for your response…

Yes all devices are zwave… the other switches are all ge zwave devices, this is the only outlet… the thing is that sometimes it lags then other times it just does not work…

I’ve run the zwave repair utility from the app as well as i’ve removed and repaired the outlet a few times…

I usually trust the GE brand as i have quite a few other devices, but after reading some of those reviews and some of them sound almost identical to my issues it has me a little concerned… i wish i could have it replaced but i know that may be abit challenging to organize…

(Andrea Bianco) #6

Frustrating I know.
Just to go through the checklist (You have probably done ALL this but just to double back in case)

Regarding repairing the device.
In the mobile app
Hub> Z Wave Utilities > General Device Exclusion

Did you do that step (not just a re-pair to the network/ hub)?
Did / can you confirm that on the IDE that the device is removed ?

By re-pairing did you go to the device itself in the app and select “Replace” or “Remove” ?

The mobile app and IDE both have been running very very slowly the past couple of days (not just for me but reported on the forum as well) so i am wondering if it is a general slow performance issue for you. That said, I have an outlet that does seem to take longer than “it should” when I turn off everylight in the house - it is the last by many many seconds " but does Always get to OFF.

Is your concern that with a motion detection and light on the lag will be a problem ? You may be standing in the dark for what seems like forever?

(Kevin Britain) #7


tried the general device exclusion as well… however what i didn’t do was confirm that the device was removed via the IDE… actually didn’t think about that one…

i just removed the device and it still showed in the IDE… i then removed it and also went a step further and removed the motion sensor and room that i had assigned to it… i then added then back one at a time…

at this point the motion detection and lag isn’t a concern… because what i have planned is just some under cabinet led lighting that isn’t the primary light source for that bathroom… however that being said in the other bathrooms that i have the motion tied to the ge switches i find it to be quite responsive… from the moment you open the door the light and exhaust fan are on…

but i digress… i just added the devices back, created the sensor rule in the SmartApps and so for the outlet is triggering on at motion and off when motion stops after 1 minute…

will monitor how it goes for now…

thanks again…

(Andrea Bianco) #8

Great to hear, love when things work (out) :slight_smile: Enjoy handsfree lighting !