No device added to new app

I have reset my hub and starting again. I cannot see any devices in the STSC app once added. They appear in the IDE. Why would this be? New Bug?

Did you make sure the stsc app has the correct location selected?

I think there is an issue with the location… I will work on it
Thank you!

I have deleted all locations and started with default ‘My Home’ and still nothing shows up…
I would say that they will appear in the old app but I want to use the new app ideally

log out of the app, clear the app data, then log in again.

ok will do

OK, I logged out of app/samsung, cleared phone cache and had to re login to the Samsung Account etc. Then I had to reset the Hub, add it to the smartthings app, Should it appear as a device? It doesn’t. Then I tried to add a ST sensor, it asked for hub and room, the drop down for hub is blank and I am stuck. IDE shows the HUB and Location though.

It is like the app adds things but doesn’t see them. Does it need permission from somewhere?

You are just getting yourself more twisted around by doing too many things at once.

Who said to reset the hub? Did i say to reset the hub? No.

How many locations show up in the IDE? Do you see the hub in the IDE? Do you see devices in the Classic app?

Hi yup I am getting ahead a bit but as I am starting fresh, it didn’t matter. I had to reset it. For the app to add it, as it wasn’t being seen.
I have only 1 location in the IDE, I see the Hub in the IDE, I see the devices in the Classic app.
The location name is the same for both apps and changes if I change the name in the IDE for both apps too.
Classic app sees anything added. STSC Doesn’t see any as yet. Wierdness abound

What devices have you added?

Smartthings motion sensor and a button. See it in IDE and can see them in classic

OK well wierdly ‘something’ happened. After deleting and rebooting many times. Waiting for a while, overnight, and deleting locations on the IDE. It finally added the hub as a device on the app. Now it is all working again. Might have been a cache on the server side? Anyway it is working now. Back to rebuilding the home automations…

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