No control of Things - SmartThings Classic (13 September 2018)

Since some have this issue and other’s don’t, it may be related to which shard each of us is on.

I am on Shard “NA01” and I do NOT have the issue currently…

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I sent email at 1:30am Central. At 4:30am, control of Things worked once. Able to turn off an assortment of lights, OSRAM, Fibaro, etc.

Guess I learned I should “failure proof” my LED strips and associated controllers/power supplies with manual shut offs.

I love my SmartThings environment. However, based on the somewhat less than rock solid stability of SmartThings - even though it seems to be better than it’s been in the past, I’d suggest that this is not a configuration that would desirable. This is also why I don’t use ST for security related control. Conversely, failure-proofing and/or providing override capabilities for everything possible is a good idea.

I’m on na04 and down. Ticket submitted.

Shard? Where is that stated/located/shown?

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Look at the web address when you go to your ide.

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I agree. It’s not a reliable platform at all. Local control depends too much upon the cloud operations. This is why the app is not working correctly even though Z-Wave devices are reporting status changes back to the hub.

To be fair, it’s worked fine for ~2 years, but yeah, you kind of expect 99.99999% uptime from light switches.

na02 here.

I am on graph-na02-useast1, my z-wave stuff is all a mess only a few show online, no live logging shows up can’t reboot hub through api. I am planning on rewiring my kitchen lights this weekend have a remote dimmer installed in attic and can’t turn them on or off when things are broke. They were stuck on last night, I was able to turn them off finally this morning when dog woke me up at 3am wanting out then couldn’t turn them back on when I was trying to eat breakfast at 6am.
My other lights I can at least manually override with a switch to turn them off.
Likely going to trash this hub, ever since they started these new accounts and switching to the new app its been unstable. It was stable from when I installed it until this started, I work in IT and have some patience with these things. My girlfriend however doesn’t have this patience and was already trying to get it to remove all the smart lights when it was working without it working well you can guess where this is going.

Just to be clear from my standpoint, IMHO, it’s not that it’s cloud-based that makes it unstable sometimes. There are many cloud-based systems that are completely solid. For instance, my Frontpoint/ security system is cloud based and it has been absolutely solid for many years. The issue with SmartThings is that, although it’s generally improving, it’s currently a poorly executed cloud system.

Of course, that’s just my opinion and I’m absolutely sure that many people will disagree with me.

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I am down on na04, guess I need to learn how to submit a ticket.

I write automation control for a living. I do use some cloud-based software, but the core functionality is not completely dependent upon it. In my own home, with SmartThings, most of my stuff is all automated; I use motion sensors and voice control, and when the cloud functionality is down, none of it works because none of the human interfaces communicate directly with the huib. If it can’t be triggered without some form of external control (voice, the app), it’s essentially rendered useless.

I speculate is that the real reason for this is that they intend to ultimately put it behind a paywall. Local switches will always function, but you will need to cough up additional $$$ to keep the “smart” functionality working.

The last time that I had a long smartthings outage was when the east coast had a big storm. Hummm…
BTW - I live in New Mexico.

Also, learned from previous outage was make sure you have a back up plan. In rooms with smart bulbs also have other lights with smart wall switches. At least with smart wall switches you can physically toggle them.


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That’s certainly one possibility. Another is that they want the ability to gather information/data about everyone’s Home Automation use.

Both of our suggested reasons result in a money stream for Samsung. After all, they aren’t making much on the hub and need a continuing money stream to stay profitable.

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Just came alive.

I left for awhile hoping it was fixed…Nope.

na02-useast 1

I’m in central Iowa.