Nexus 5X Not Updating Status

I finally jumped into this game and installed 3 switches (GE) and bought a ST hub. Set them up (1 switch DoA, doh) and got 2 of them working perfectly on my phone (Galaxy S8). First thoughts, this is awesome, I’m going to replace every switch in my house!

Next morning, setup the wife’s phone. Click, entry lights, they turn on, perfect. Wait, they still show off. Check my phone, it shows on. Hmm, tap them again on her phone, they stay on. Tap them on my phone, they turn off as expected. For both switches they operate perfectly on my phone and work just once on her phone. After the first change, the phone doesn’t get the status update and then can’t act to change them. I contacted ST support and they said, they’d never seen or heard of it before.

Any suggestions other than buying my wife a new phone? Like I said, Nexus 5X running Android latest.


Unfortunately I don’t have a good suggestion, but I can confirm I have a 5X on 8.0 and its working fine. I do find sometimes I have to toggle to another tab and come back to get the status to update (or exit out of detail screen and come back) in the app, but overall works pretty well.

Maybe try ActionTiles on both phones?

Hmm… thanks @farlicimo for verifying with the same phone. My wife’s phone has to switch tabs or force close 100% of the time, on wifi or on cell network. I also noticed the presence sensor didn’t work for her phone. The front light turns on for my phone arriving, but not hers.

@wenglish: It looks like actiontiles sits on top of ST. If that’s the case and her phone’s not updating status would it still work? I’m completely new to this game.

Did you set up a separate SmartThings account for your wife’s phone to log into ST with? When using both phones for Mobile Presence, each phone must use a separate account. Hers would be linked to your account (assuming your account is the one used to originally set up ST.)

I have a 5X , the switches updating is currently a little slow… Not sure if it is the latest update to blame or not. Stuff like this comes and goes with the app and firmware updates, it will probably get better.
Click on the switch name to open to the “right now” screen then hit the refresh swirl.

Mine has been slow to update status since I replied to you yesterday. I just rebooted the phone seems to have fixed it.

Since you have one phone on which the SmartThings app works, and another phone where the SmartThings app fails to reflect changes in status of devices, I think it’s safe to say this particular problem lies on that one phone, not on the SmartThings servers.

ActionTiles doesn’t interact with the SmartThings app on your phone, it interacts with the SmartThings servers. Using ActionTiles would “take out the middleman” (the SmartThings app on the phone) and would let you confirm where the problem is.

All of the above is regarding device status in the app, not presence, which is a totally different kettle of fish (can of worms).