Getting presence working after Android 5 update


I just upgraded my phone to Android v5. I reloaded the app, logged in and all the settings came back which was good. I eventually realized that it no longer thought of my phone as the same device as before. I ended up de-coupling my original phone presence sensor from Hello, Home and then deleting it. I created a “new” presence again, and then associated that presence to the Hello settings. However, the location based things do not seem to work yet. Are there any suggestions on getting this to work again?

Hello, Home settings work, as do individual Things controls, it’s just the geofenced/location triggered items that don’t seem to be working.


I don’t have v5 yet, but have you checked to make sure Location services is on and you have mapped My Places?

Mine and my wife’s Nexus 5 phones upgraded to Lollipop yesterday, and both of our presence sensors quit updating correctly. Our location services were previously and remained on before and after the upgrades, and our presence sensors worked fine until the upgrade occurred. This morning my presence didn’t update until I opened the ST app, which was about 40 - 45 minutes after I left for work. I’ve logged a ticket with ST support.

I received the following response from ST support:

“One of our Android developers saw something similar and was able to fix it by clearing data on our app.”

I’ve done this and will test it when I return home from work this evening.

So, I didn’t realize just having the GPS enabled wasn’t enough. Turning on Google Location Services seems to have fixed the issue for me.


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One thing regarding this that has been on my mind lately: What exactly is the ST hub using to determine presence? Wifi? GPS? Both? Google Location Services? All three? Magic ST gnomes that sit and wait for you to arrive/leave?

I kind of hope gnomes.


As a quick update, I cleared the data as suggested by ST support, and both mine and my wife’s Android phones are now updating location status correctly and in a timely manner.