Newbie to led strips and smartthings: advice needed (UK)

hi im in a bit of a predicament, i have 2 sets of led profiles going up 2 sets of stairs, the idiot electrician has only left a 3 core cable running from the 1st floor of stairs to the bottom of the ground floor stairs, at the ground floor there is the mains connection from the consumer unit, now i want cct leds on both sets but with motion sensors at the 1st floor and at ground floor so they can be activated from the ground floor and rhe 1st floor, how can i achieve this and what do i need to buy in order for my project to work! helpp! thank you.Screenshot_20191003-020015_Gmail|236x500

Welcome! :sunglasses:First things first: what country are you in and which model of the SmartThings hub do you have? These will affect the possible device selections.

If you don’t yet have a smartthings hub, are you intending to get one, or are you looking for a “hub optional” solution?

(I’m guessing you are not in the US, because in the US the “ground floor“ and “first floor“ are one and the same. But one never knows. :wink: )

hi, im in the uk and as of now i havent bought anything, ive just installed the profile for the leds to go into, im ready to buy whatever i need :slight_smile:

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