Need help with a 5050 LED project

I really want to do an undercabinet LED lightstrip project in my kitchen which will integrate with my ST hub. Unfortunately I am a complete noob when it comes to programing and electronics. BUT, I am not afraid to jump in and I follow directions well.

I have been trying to read the forums to see how to do this project but it is a bit overwhelming with the older threads, different components, and different smarthome integrations that the lights are being controlled with (hue vs harmony etc.)

What I am looking for is pretty straightforward: I have existing, switched, undercounter lighting that I would like to replace with a color LED strip. It is approximately 30-40 feet total and it is a continuous run. They will primarily stay white (bright white not warm) but I would love to be able to experiment with different colors occasionally (not individual LED’s just the whole strip in different colors.) I have a basic smartthings starter kit with no other controllers or hubs so the setup would be run straight from the smartthings app.

Could anyone please describe for me the basic recipe I would need to accomplish this project? The cheapest and most straightforward and reliable is what I need.

What components? (type of light strip, power converter, wireless controller, light switch etc.)
Best place to buy items?
directions to a tutorial for physically connecting it up?
Best way to integrate into smartthings? (Device handlers etc.)

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

I am planning this myself. I bought and trying out OSRAM indoor LED strips. They have an adhesive and they connect to ST directly. I bought my at amazon but lowes also has them about the same price around 65 for 4 feet. And you can get extensions to add to them


For the led side of things you need to decide if you wan to go for an RGB (coloured) LED tape/bar and a separate white, an RGBW (coloured and white, usually warm white) tape or just a simple RGB, the latter will technically make a ‘cool’ white from the three colours but it’s not a great white and there is usually a bit of colour leaking through depending on how close to a surface the LEDs are mounted as the tri-chip consists of red, blue and green, one of the colours is usual closest to the wall surface and will appear more prominent deepening on viewing angle.

One you’ve decided on LEDs you’ll nee to power it - you need to work out total load, assuming its just a single line of tape or a solid bar, a twin line would be more, obviously, (10m @14.4w a metre will give you (rounding up) 150w) so that would be the size of driver required, i would suggest 24v over 12v. If you’re dimming, then its always best to run the driver at over 60% of its total load for effective and smoothing dimming anything under may give a flicker or jump in dimming (i won’t explain here to keep it simple)

As for controlling, my best guess would be a Fibaro RGBW dimmer which can integrate with ST but I’m sure someone on here will know of a better way or confirm the the Fibaro works.

There is also Phillips light strips. Reliable, straightforward with the hue hub but not cheap. You won’t find all 3 together very often.
Also there is this

Thanks for the help. I was thinking of a RGBW strip. Would one of these work?

It will be just one strip and dimmable is preferred. You calculated I would need a 150w driver @24v. I know you are talking about the power supply but what is it called that I can find the right one on amazon?

I will check out the Fibaro dimmer.

Thanks again!

Would this work as the dimmer? It is half the price of the Fibraro.

The OSRAM’s come with white or RGBW, tape to hang, don’t require an additional hub and dim via the app. Not sure if I am missing what you are trying to do but it ideal for me. I can change it to just about any color dim it from 100 to 1% and set rules when it turns on and all.

I need 30 feet and at $65/4-feet the OSRAM’s is pricy way to go.

Yes true. But you pay for what you get and when you add hue hubs you can read the problems people have with those on here. Mine are bright, work, and should last a while. Cheaper ways to go yes. But also adds more that can go wrong.

Check post 129:

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