LED Lighting and SmartThings

I’m soon to be adding some LED lighting to the plinths within our kitchen and also the skirting board within our hallway. I don’t just want to plug these in and be done with it, I’d like to integrate this with SmartThings if at all possible.
My fall back would just be to add the power outlet in to them but wondered if anyone had done any better integration that they could recommend?

I’ve searched the site but not sure what is available in the UK and what people have done with LED light strips and LED lighting kits in the past?


I just bought some Phillips Hue light strips and fitted them to the top of my kitchen units.
You cannot see the strips and the light shines up to the ceiling. (If you get what I mean).
Found a device handler and integrated them in with a CoRE piston to turn on and off depending on time and lux levels.
Work a treat but getting the exact colour i want is proving troublesome.
Still playing though and I will get there.

Fibaro RGBW controller all the way. I used one for the LED strips in my soffit box . Funnily enough, I plan to do the plinths as well. I have all of the kit and the power in the right place, but haven’t got around to it yet.

Been researching into this a little bit more and it doesnt seem that there are many “skirting” lighting kits. Most just seem to be standard decking lighting kits. That should be OK, I’m just concerned about the depth.

My plan is to have the kit installed and wired in via a SmartThings power outlet so that I can trigger the lights based on an open/closed sensor on the front door and the time of day.

I dont think the hue lighting strips will be suitable really for this purpose as they’d be too visible and the WAF wouldn’t be high enough. That said, I’ve never actually seen the hue strips to know how big they are?