Help with selecting devices: will the ST hub support these Lighting setups? (UK)

Hi all,

I am completely new to the smart home world but have been researching over the last couple of months since I am currently getting the house refurbished

What am I looking for?

  1. An LED light strip to go around the living room TV - Already brought the LIFX Z

  2. An LED light strip to go under the kitchen units

  3. Some smart down lights in the downstairs hallway and upstairs landing (6 lights max)

  4. I want my TV LED strip to turn on automatically whenever I turn on the tele but also controllable on the phone

  5. The LED strip to turn on in the kitchen based on sensor

  6. The downlights controllable on an app and be able to put a timer whenever I am out

  7. Whenever my ring doorbell is pressed, the LED Strips (both TV and Kitchen) to flash

I was hoping the Smart Things hub will able to cover all of this but just wanted to understand how it will all work and if there is anything else I need to purchase.

thanks in advance

First things first, what country are you in? Both the device selection and the hub models do vary somewhat. :sunglasses:

I am based in the UK