Newbie Question, shop door Schlage dead bolt

Recently installed the hub and a couple things in my house. seem to work fine. The issue I have is my metal shop building 70’ from my house. I installed a Schlage connect door dead bolt , like I did in the house, and I can’t get it to connect to the hub. maybe cause of the distance or the metal building. What can I do to get around this?

It’s definitely not going to connect for the first time from that distance. You didn’t give the model number of your lock, but assuming it’s a Z wave lock, the first pairing Has to be within “whisper distance“ of the hub so that a security key can be exchanged. Once you get it added to your network, then it might actually work at that distance, especially if it’s one of the newer Z wave plus devices.

So for the initial pairing you need to either bring it closer to the hub or bring the hub closer to it.

If you have Wi-Fi and electrical power at the shop you can connect the hub to a Wi-Fi access point that has an ethernet socket on the side and use it that way just until you get the lock connected.

After the lock shows up as a lock on your network, move the hub back to its regular location. Then run a Z wave repair and it should be fine.

Although it’s likely that you will also need a beaming repeater within 15 feet of the lock.

FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?

If by chance it’s a Zigbee model, you have a different issue, because the distance is just too far. In that case, see the how to article in the community – created wiki on automating an outbuilding.

Thanks. I should have clarified. I did setup the lock close to the hub and it shows up on the network. When I put it in the shop I could still see it on the network it just showed offline… Im trying to learn the z wave repair now

OK, That’s a completely different problem. Devices showing off-line is a frequent smartthings complaint, and annoying. :rage:. Running the zwave repair is one of those “can’t hurt, might help“ things, so I would definitely try that.

After that, though, you probably need a beaming repeater within about 15 feet of the lock. Run a zwave repair after you have added that to the network, by the way, or the lock won’t know it’s there and you won’t get any benefit from it. And you may not see the benefit until the next day.

Thanks. Ill look into the beaming repeater

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BTW, You will see some single purpose devices marketed that do nothing but repeat. That’s not what you need. You can get pretty much any mains powered Zwave Device Will act as a repeater: a plug-in pocket socket, wall switch, a plug-in motion sensor… So you get double use out of it. And, yes, it will still repeat even if it is turned off. As long as it can hear the next network command, it will still work as a repeater. :sunglasses:

well I have a repeater in the shop and house, as close as I can on both of them, still didn’t work. I put a outlet in the shop, didn’t help. I have ran the z wave repair after every step, many times. I moved the hub to the shop and can use those devices but not the house devices now… guess Im stuck with Vivint