Newbie. My hub just arrived

Just got my hub today. I’ve got a variety of toys I want to control with this including sonos, philips hue, zwave switches and some other odds and ends.

Not off to a good start. I can’t even set up an account without the app crashing. I will work with support and see what they can do.

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Are you using Android or iOS?

Android for the samsung and is for the iPad mini.

Samsung is my main device

Frustrating! There is a current known problem intermittently affecting both IOS and android, you may have run into that. Support will be able to tell.

iOS has been pretty good lately, although using it as a presence device is not functioning lately.

My iOS ST app has been failing intermittently for two days. See the link I posted above: others with iOS also reporting the issue.

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I can’t even log into the app without it crash g

Same issues on iOS as JD and more.

First rule about being a SmartThings customer.

Be patient.

Remodeling is in progress. Certain basic functions might break at any time. Please open a ticket at and someone will tell you to come to the community to solve your issue.

We are here to help… But we can only help in share the pain. However, many of us still think the pain is still worth it.

I’ve been a customer for over a year and have gotten used to this. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I am.

SmartThings is working hard to solve these issues, but the law of unintended consequences is kicking their asses right now.

Stay patient my friend, stay patient.

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I’m logged in finally and I’ve connected my hue lights, sonos and a motion sensor. I’m having issues getting my old vera lite zwave switches and motion detectors to connect but I’ll keep playing around

Did you exclude them from your Vera controller before trying to include them to SmartThings? That’s the usual hang up.

Welcome to our frustrated little community :smile:

I have my ST hub working “mostly” as I would like but I have to say it is a constant struggle to keep it that way. It seems lately any release of server side or app breaks something. The repairs are coming really slowly also which is a shame. Unfortunately the developers seem to be too overwhelmed to correct the issues in a timely manner :frowning: I think the Version 2 Hub is consuming all the resources and the Version 1 Hub is being somewhat ignored.

On the positive side the community support is top notch and ST support is responsive and tries hard to help.

I also abandoned Vera Lite for ST and even with all the issues I have had it has been a much more enjoyable experience. I have written custom code for ALL of my devices and apps but that level of control is what makes ST so great.

So welcome and good luck!