Changing Handlers now beta version is released

Does anyone know how to access the old system where we could load handlers and see what is happening with our devices behind the scenes now that accounts.smarthings takes us to a new dashboard? Cheers or

Go to My Locations and tap on the Location name and then proceed as normal.

just a reminder: it is part of the legacy platform and it will be going away once ST completes the migration to Edge and LUA.

Thanks, so how are we going to be able to change handlers on devices etc?

Device Handlers will be phased out and Edge Drivers will replace them. Those can be changed in the ST app. You should look at CLI. It is in the following thread.

Sorry but I cant seem to find my location

ok thanks for your help

click on one of the links I posted above.

yeah sorry just figured that out lol, thanks again

Awesome thanks