New Zwave devices added but show OFFLINE

I have just purchased and added to new devices to my smart things network
GE ZWAVE Plus Toggle switch
Ecolink Motion sensor
Both are able to be added yet both SHOW OFFLINE.

(All existing devices are FINE)

Tried Hub Resets, ZWAVE Network Rebuild, Resetting Devices, Removing and Re-adding. Devices get added, but always show OFFLINE.

Weird part is they show the status changes and seem to generally work. I set up an automation in the ST App to turn the light on when motion is detected and it WORKS.

Biggest problems though

  • I cannot rename the devices show they show as DEFAULT names - GE Switch, Ecolink Motion Sensor
  • I cannot control the devices through ST App. (Turn off/on the light, or update other settings)
  • Cannot connect them to HOME or Alexa

Hoping this gets resolved quickly.
This is a V2 Hub and screen shot of firmware attached.

2021-04-03 09_50_54-Photo - Google Photos and 6 more pages - Personal - Microsoft​ Edge

2021-04-03 09_52_15-Photo - Google Photos and 6 more pages - Personal - Microsoft​ Edge

You saw the other thread John. If you haven’t opened a ticket with SmartThings support id strongly urge you to do so… (and immediately ask for an escalation on thd outage they seem to be having)