New light switches showing up as 'offline'

hi, i have tried to install 2 light switches in the last 24 hours. smartthings says no devices found when scanning for new devices, yet they are still added to my ‘things’. they show up as OFFLINE devices, yet i can still turn them on and off. in the IDE they show up as ONLINE.

first one was a GE Enbrighten on/off zigee switch, second was an older model GE Jasco zigbee on/off switch.

same behaviour for both. do nearby scan for devices, nothing shows up, but they still get added to ‘things’.

can anyone please help?

It’s not just you. This has now been posted to the status page as well. It’s a platform wide issue affecting many people with many different devices. :disappointed_relieved:

wow, wish i didn’t spend the last 10 hours trying to fix this then LOL. slams head on keyboard what a nightmare.

thanks for the update man, now i can stop trying to fix this lol.

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It wasn’t identified by the forum community until about two hours ago, and didn’t show up on the status page until about 30 minutes ago, so… Just the usual “if they update the firmware on a Friday, don’t plan on doing anything that weekend.“ :thinking:

So now we see similar problems with Z-Wave, Zigbee, and straight Wifi devices.

don’t forget hubs too :slight_smile:

i installed an enbrighten zigbee switch 6PM yesterday and it wasnt adding to smartthings, then i look at my list of things and it’s there, even though smartthings said it ‘no devices found’… infuriating! took me hours to realize it was being added without showing up!

then offline but it still let me turn it on and off!

the offline problem i am having for this switch seems to be back online now too!

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wish i didnt spend another 200 bux on buying new light switches because i thought that the first one was defective! ughhh smartthings :frowning:

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