New Zigbee Edge driver

Noticed today a new driver had appeared on my hub. A new channel also…

I think that this is SmartThings production driver.

SmartThings has updated your device that has used DTH to use Edge production driver.

You’re almost certainly right, although I’ve never used a DTH, nor the IDE, as I bought my hub when the transition to Edge was announced and all my contact sensors run with @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's drivers.

What you have there is a channel/driver created automatically as part of a pull request to add a Third Reality Vibration Sensor to the Zigbee Contact driver. If you’d enrolled in that channel and installed the driver I am sure you would have known and wouldn’t be questioning it, so it isn’t clear how you’ve ended up with it.

Very strange as I don’t have this sensor and haven’t enrolled in this channel, so I’ll ask @nayelyz if we could shed some light on how it could appear on my hub.

Hi, @Johnnybegoode
Thank you for reaching out. I’ll ask the team about this.


Hi @Johnnybegoode because is a complicated issue to replicate, we will pending if another user reports a similar issue, or if happens again feel free to contact us.

in this case you can unenroll the channel and if the driver was installed you can delete it. SmartThings CLI has both functionalities

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Yes, no problem, thanks for the reply. Was more curiosity than anything else as to how it got there.