Wemo edge driver

I was happy to see smartthings integrated belkin wemo . Well it was working since last driver update !!!


The edge driver isn’t a production/public release yet. I think it’s still on the beta channel.

I was unable to get Wemo plugs to work properly as of a few weeks ago.

When joining, the stock DTH version of the driver is still active for some reason. Sometimes when joining, the DTH would bind, sometimes the Edge version. And when scanning for new devices again, the other driver would try and bind to it, creating multiple devices in ST which neither would work right.

I unplugged them and they went back in a drawer.

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As @Automated_House mentioned, this driver is only in the beta channel, this means that the option available for everyone is still the stock DTH, it cannot be deactivated until its replacement is complete.
Currently, you’ll experience random connections because you have two available options installed.

@Sylvain, thank you for letting us know, I’ll report this to the team, it seems the last update was 2 days ago, right? Have you tried pairing the device again?
It would be very useful for the team to have logs of the device joining to see why it is not showing the values

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I assumed the beta Edge driver would override the “fingerprint” of the DTH, just like Zigbee/Zwave devices do.

Oh wait, LAN drivers can’t specify a fingerprint or key. It would be nice if they did…

@nayelyz, how are we to test the edge wemo driver in the beta channel if the DTH version is still enabled and can’t be overridden?

Ie, whats the point of the wemo edge driver even being in the beta channel if it can’t be beta tested?

It might take a few times to get paired with the Edge driver, that’s what happens for this Hue integration created by a developer:

I don’t have more info about this specific driver, I’ll ask the team about that and let you know what I find.

That’s not the specifically the problem. Any time you do a Scan Nearby, the wemo devices will be randomly picked up by both the DTH and the Beta Edge driver (if installed). In other words, even if you get it paired “clean” with edge, if you scan again sometime later (often for another device) you get the DTH Wemo driver installed again for the same device as was already paired with Edge, and sadness occurs. And vice versa…

Aah ok, got it. Then, I’ll include this as a note in my question for the team.

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My experience is similar it WAS fine until the last change and it quit working.
the tile says connected instead of off or on and when i open the tile everything is greyed out and nothing works

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Same thing happen to me , didnt notice right away , but after a while a saw everything in double , delete again and it came back

update from today appears to have fixed the discovery and its working again for me

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Yes ,my dimmer work again .

Does this solution work for the Wemo outlets, and, if so, what is the link to the Channel for enabling the Edge driver? Regards.

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… Getting Started in the BETA channel

Review the list of device categories below to determine if any of your devices are currently supported by Edge Drivers. If so, join the SmartThings Edge Beta channel with this link:

Once clicking the link, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your Samsung Account and select Accept the Channel invite.
  2. Choose the target hub and select Enroll.
  3. Navigate to Available Drivers and install the one that matches your device.
  4. From the mobile app, onboard your device using the Scan Nearby option.

these are in the profile so far

I installed the beta wemo driver, but when I delete my wemo insight plug device and do a Scan Nearby, it keeps picking up the system DTH instead.

I see that the edge driver was picked up for some of you. What’s the trick?

I did not have to delete the cloud to cloud Lan wemo switch. I did have to plug and unplug my switch for discovery to work. I think I also had to manually switch it on and off for it to start working .
They show up as: wemo.mini-smart-plug.v1 and there are now two instances showing. one cloud and one placeholder in the IDE.
good luck

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following… I have two Wemo plug-in wifi switches too, the Wemo Mini Smart Plug (the original wider ones)

I have 3 wemo dimmer there where working find with the driver. 2 lost connections and by the time I reset them , smartthings update the driver … Reset my 2 dimmer that where not responsive even in the wemo app , ok its not smartthings fault…
Now they show up in smartthings as plug !!!
Reset again do the whole process , always a plug , no dimmer function .

But i still got one working with dimmer and fast.
@nayelyz just for letting you know

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