My Yale zigbee lock shows up as "Thing" in the new SmartThings app, and won't fully connect

I’m trying to get my Yale YRD226 Zigbee to work with my SmartThings hub (STH-ETH-250). When I try to connect them, the lock me tells me it has connected to the network almost instantly, but the SmartThings app screen just keeps showing a spinning circle until it times out. Then when I go back to my list of devices, a new tile has appeared called “Thing.” However, I can’t control “Thing” or even get its status. It always says “Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again.” So obviously the hub and lock aren’t fully connected. I have deleted the “Thing” device in the app, made sure the network connection was reset on the lock, factory reset the lock, and I always end up with the same result. I have the latest version of the SmartThings app, my phone is running the latest iOS, and the lock and the hub are within 2 feet of each other. What else can I try? Has anyone else had a semi-connected “Thing” like this?

login to and manually change the type to “zigbee lock”

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Thank you! That fixed the issue! I can now see the lock’s status, lock it, and unlock it from the SmartThings app. I didn’t even know there was a webpage that listed my devices like that.


I have been fighting with this since last Friday, working with support and even called support today because email wasn’t moving quick enough. Smartthings support people should use the community more often when troubleshooting - they kept telling me my hub had to be within 10 feet and that is why it was not working. Then when I called, they said it was not supported and I asked why do you have it on the front of your website?? Anyway, enough of the rant, just glad it is finally working!!