New User : Introductory Setup and Integration


Recently got my “Know your home” kit . Have been following this project since the inception on Kickstarter.

Aint got much idea about how to setup some basic useful scenarios. Would appreciate if the members can guide me about setting up some basic useful scenarios with available sensors I have.

Secondly I have a SMS gateway server “OzekiSMS” running at home on an “always-on” thin client PC, connected with a GSM modem (Huawei 303) with a working SIM.

I would like to know that is there an easy way to integrate the SmartThings with my SMS gateway, to get SMS alerts and notifications for my scenarios and triggers. This for example would be useful when my cellular phone (which I carry) goes out of EDGE/GPRS coverage or if I have intentionally turned off the data / sync feature on my smartphone (SGS IV) to avoid it being a battery hog all the time.

A basic scenario I would like to have is to alert me when the temperature in the kitchen becomes greater than a cutoff threshold value, to prevent accidental fire hazard.

Any guidance and support would be appreciated.


There is a Smartapp called “Notify Me When…” That you can set to either send push notifications or an SMS. You can use the SmartSense Multi that came with your kit to measure the ambient temp. Put it near what you want to monitor then select it in the “Notify Me When…” App and you should be all set.

One note… The SmartSense Multi’s temp readings are a bit off. Mine reads 6 deg cooler than the actual temp. It’s a problem they are aware of but that shouldn’t stop you from using it as you planned.

Thanks Joe,

I guess the multi to measure temperature as described is a fine idea. However I am a bit confused how to use multi to measure tilt angle and movement of stationary objects, I mean how should we place (or maybe paste it with double sided tape). Can you guide me to a pictorial which shows the common usage options of the smartsense multi.

Secondly I think the app can notify via SMS, when the smartthings app is connected via an IFTTT trigger. And the IFTTT trigger does not supports my country for sending outgoing SMS. (Please correct me if I am wrong).

So I am rather looking for a way to integrate my SMS gateway with Smartthings hub/app. I am not sure whether it is a correct workable scenario or not, just trying to know and explore the possibility.

Another thing, what is the range of the smartmotion sensor. I mean within how much diameter around the sensor will it detect motion, and can it be configured to be activated at a certain time, for example only during the late night hours to sense motion and send me the alerts.

Would love knowing about other useful setups of the given basic sensors I have.

Thanks for this.

The Multi has a built in 3 axis accelerometer that is pretty sensitive. If you attach it to a door to use as an open closed sensor it can also detect the vibrations from someone knocking. Once it’s triggered you could set it to message you, set off a Sonos speaker to play dogs barking, turn on a light if it’s dark etc… The Multi comes with double sided tape… That’s how you mount it. I’m using mine to detect when the dryer is done… It sends me a text message and I no longer have wrinkled clothes because I forgot about stuff in the dryer.

Go to the SmartThings support page and they have plenty of examples of what you can do with each of the modules… Also take a look at the SmartApps… They’ll give you some ideas for how to use the system and its components. Reading the forums is also another way to see ways to use the it. Good luck.