Basic items to integrate

I just purchased the basic ST pack, and liked what I have seen so far. What I am curious about is how to (quickly) take it to the next basic level. I am going on vacation in a week and would like to have a slightly more advanced system up and running by then.

I’ve been playing with the multi and motion sensor, and they both seem to work good. What I’d like to do is get a quick themorstat and video camera hooked up before I leave. Does anyone have any recommendations for simple ones that don’t require any coding ability to get up and running?

For the thermostat all I want to do is be able to turn the AC on and off remotely. Having the ability to program in some basic temperatures for certain times would be handy, but not required. I just want to turn the AC off when I leave on vacation, and then be able to turn it on before I come home so it’s not 100+ degrees in the house when I walk in.

For the video I’m just looking for something that will take pictures when the motion sensor is triggered. I saw something about Foscam charging for internet storage, and I’ll go with that if I absolutely have to, but was hoping for something that I could just watch on the phone. Are there any devices that will allow you to just hit a button on phone and see whatever the camera sees?

Thanks much in advance. I’ve been reading a ton of the other posts and it looks like ST has a great community behind it.


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Take a look at the compatible device list here:

For the camera the one we support out of the box is Dropcam ( They have a premium paid service that isn’t required to use it with SmartThings.

We support a variety of thermostats and the biggest differentiation is price point.

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