IFTTT and Multipurpose Sensor (temp trigger)

I’m a new ST user and I purchased a MPS to trigger a Kasa smart switch when a temp is exceeded. In addition I set up a trigger to send a notification, neither are working.

What gives?

You should be able do this in ST without IFTTT with a simple automation. I know a good bit of kasa stuff can be integrated, so I would certainly recommend that route if possible. If temp of multi sensor is equal/greater than a temp, then turn on switch and send notification to members.

I can’t seem to figure out how to do that. Any guidance?

Have you added your tp link kasa account into ST? In the new app, click the + sign at the top, select device, select by brand, scroll down to TP-Link Kasa, enter your credentials, and then your devices will show up in ST and can be used in Automations.

Ahh! got it, thanks so much.