New Stock Edge Drivers Beta list

Clever. Those virtual device are pretty handy. That also actually answers a previous question I had about creating a “heat sensor” that would trigger a fire alarm as well. If any of the house temp sensors exceed their max temps, set off the alarm. Thanks :+1:

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I’m wondering if a Zwave lock driver is in the works.

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I’m sure it is, though I’m wondering what the delay could be

If I have a virtual device that is a conglomeration of existing physical devices, would the VEdge driver handle it locally? Note that the following example was designed for Echo Speaks, but it could be used elsewhere.

My dining room has five window sensors. I have created a virtual contact called “dining room”, and the system would warn that the dining room had an open window if it perceived we were leaving or after bed time.

It would be great if that many-to-one translation could work locally.

Just for awareness, there was another commit entitled ‘Add more drivers and fingerprints’ a few days ago.

It looks like it may also include tweaks to correct the behaviour of some devices that have been around for a while, though that may just be where new devices are being added and be wishful thinking on my part.


Does anyone know if a driver was completed to include the smokeDetector and carbonMonoxideDetector capabilities before I climb a ladder?

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no, they were never added.

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There is z-wave driver with those capabilities, however not for that model. You will need to add fingerprint for that one and test how it’s working.
I have added fingerprint for First Alert Z-Combo model and it’s working. They have two older First Alert midels, but not the one currently sold on Amazon.
Tested my alarm and it is working. Only issue is icon. It is the same icon for Connected and when Alarm goes Off. Besides that everything works.

Groovy DTH:

Edge Driver:

You should try to add your device fingerprint

While I think soundSensor is a poor option for this device, I also think smokeDetector and carbonMonoxideDetector would be wrong. The device doesn’t detect smoke or CO, it detects the sound of smoke and CO alarms. Why not report that?

In my opinion the correct capability is soundDetector though that should be enhanced to have explicit sound types for smoke and CO alarms. Apps such as STHM should add soundDetector to the monitored capabilities.

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What driver did you use? When I used the stock ST z-wave smoke detector driver for my Z-Combo the CO was offline.

Stock Z-wave. I just added fingerprint for this model.

  - id: 0138/0001/0003
    deviceLabel: First Alert Smoke Detector
    manufacturerId: 0x0138
    productType: 0x0001
    productId: 0x0003
    deviceProfileName: smoke-co-battery

Mine has a productId: 0x0002 so I did not need to add the fingerprint.

Honestly I don’t care what the capability is called as long as it detectes both Smoke and CO and works with STHM. Adding the capabilities to the driver is something I don’t know how to do.


I disagree Graham. It is essentially only a smoke or CO2 signal. It just collected its data for the trigger in a different way.

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Hey guys. What’s up? Just finished fully migrating everything to home assistant. I got a zooz 700 usb for EU and moved my last 14 devices over to HA. I can say that even with the local control on ST from drivers, communication using HA is notably faster.

Setting up and maintaining HA is a pain, but when it works it is just way ahead of ST in experience and functionality. If only ST was moving faster in the development department i may just stood with it. I can’t believe it has been 6 months since i migrated most of my things to HA and ST is still working on releasing drivers out of beta.

HA has some serious issues for beginners but ST is far from being recommended for beginners either. Imagine a beginner adding all his devices and automations only to be switched automatically to the new drivers and nothing works anymore…


Hello @nayelyz,
The stock Beta driver Z-Wave Siren for code Ecolink Firefighter, fingerprint mfr:“014A”, prod:“0005”, model:“000F” sound detector for the smoke and CO alarm, does not detect the CO alarm because there is an error in the driver code of subdriver zwave-sound-sensor / init.lua.
Right in the part that compares the types of alarm received in the command.:

local function alarm_report_handler(driver, device, cmd)
  local alarm_type = cmd.args.z_wave_alarm_type
  local alarm_event = cmd.args.z_wave_alarm_event
  if alarm_type == Alarm.z_wave_alarm_type.SMOKE or cmd.alarm_type == Alarm.z_wave_alarm_type.CO then

Correct code must be:

local function alarm_report_handler(driver, device, cmd)
  local alarm_type = cmd.args.z_wave_alarm_type
  local alarm_event = cmd.args.z_wave_alarm_event
  if alarm_type == Alarm.z_wave_alarm_type.SMOKE or alarm_type == Alarm.z_wave_alarm_type.CO then

cmd.alarm_type must be changed by variable alarm_type

He was testing by @Terri_Baker
When the cc.NOTIFICATION smoke DETECTED received, a correct sound event is emitted

2022-03-26T17:46:38.924222766+00:00 INFO Z-Wave Siren v2 <ZwaveDevice: 09692efa-8d6e-4be7-9b0e-accad82a3922 [8A] (Ecolink Firefighter)> received Z-Wave command: {args={alarm_level=0, alarm_type=0,event=“DETECTED”, event_parameter="", notification_status=“ON”, notification_type=“SMOKE”, v1_alarm_level=0, v1_alarm_type=0, z_wave_alarm_event=“DETECTED”, z_wave_alarm_status=“ON”, z_wave_alarm_type=“SMOKE”, zensor_net_source_node_id=0}, cmd_class=“NOTIFICATION”, cmd_id=“REPORT”, dst_channels={}, encap=“NONE”, payload="\x00\x00\x00\xFF\x01\x02\x00\x00", src_channel=0, version=3}
2022-03-26T17:46:38.972714766+00:00 INFO Z-Wave Siren v2 <ZwaveDevice: 09692efa-8d6e-4be7-9b0e-accad82a3922 [8A] (Ecolink Firefighter)> emitting event: {“attribute_id”:“sound”,“capability_id”:“soundSensor”,“component_id”:“main”,“state”:{“value”:“detected”}}

When the cc.NOTIFICATION of CO DETECTED is received, event sound not detected is emitted

2022-03-26T17:47:51.676665775+00:00 INFO Z-Wave Siren v2 <ZwaveDevice: 09692efa-8d6e-4be7-9b0e-accad82a3922 [8A] (Ecolink Firefighter)> received Z-Wave command: {args={alarm_level=0, alarm_type=0, event=“CARBON_MONOXIDE_DETECTED”, event_parameter="", notification_status=“ON”, notification_type=“CO”, v1_alarm_level=0, v1_alarm_type=0, z_wave_alarm_event=“CARBON_MONOXIDE_DETECTED”, z_wave_alarm_status=“ON”, z_wave_alarm_type=“CO”, zensor_net_source_node_id=0}, cmd_class=“NOTIFICATION”, cmd_id=“REPORT”, dst_channels={}, encap=“NONE”, payload="\x00\x00\x00\xFF\x02\x02\x00\x00", src_channel=0, version=3}
2022-03-26T17:47:51.726177442+00:00 INFO Z-Wave Siren v2 <ZwaveDevice: 09692efa-8d6e-4be7-9b0e-accad82a3922 [8A] (Ecolink Firefighter)> emitting event: {“attribute_id”:“sound”,“capability_id”:“soundSensor”,“component_id”:“main”,“state”:{“value”:“not detected”}}


Thank you for sharing the results of your tests, I will create a report for the engineering team.



The deviceProfileName for the Fibaro Carbon Monoxide Sensor (in the zwave-smoke-alarm fingerprint) is set incorrect. Currently lists deviceProfileName: fibaro-co-sensor-zw5.
I think it should actually be deviceProfileName: co-battery-temperature-tamperalert-temperaturealarm.


This looks amazing :slight_smile:

I have been through the complete chat, but cannot find the invitation link for these drivers.
Sorry I am new to edge drivers…
I am looking for a edge driver for Zwave electric meter with Qubino3PhaseMeter.