New Stock Edge Drivers Beta list

hi notice there is a driver for samsung audio in the github edge drivers list but it is not in the beta list , is it posible to install the driver ? to test
thanks martin

Just so you are aware, this thread pertains to Beta testing Samsung’s Edge drivers. These are not the production version. The beta versions, or even the production versions, may not be what you really want. 3rd party (community) developers also write drivers which are often more fully featured. Here is a link to a wiki that describes those drivers:

However, if you want to join the beta program for Samsungs Drivers, look at the link below. Bear in mind that a number of Samsung drivers are already in production, so I would remove and re-add your device just to make sure a Samsung production driver doesn’t already exist.

Thank you Bryan :slight_smile:

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Good evening, I have a qty of Smartthings Zigbee Motion Sensors STS-IRM-251 (Motion, Temperature and Battery). They are not being picked up by the ‘Zigbee Motion Sensor’ driver when I delete and re-add the device via the app (I have added the driver to my hub). It is being picked up as a (legacy) ‘Z-Wave Repeater’. I hope it is just a case of adding the fingerprint to the stock driver which I believe is: 89a26feb-d6d9-4e2f-9e6d-452be9464e5d

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hi just tried the samsung audio edge driver the tts (text to speach /notification ) isnt working and im not sure where to post this so i thought here .
thanks for the great work