Sonos no longer working with ST

Hi, after recent problems with routines not working which took a while for Samsung to fix but did fix, I thought great… all working at last , but my thoughts were too quick as a few days later Sonos rolled out their new software update to 7.0.1 and guess what …yep the Sonos device no longer respond to routines.

I have tried deleting the routines and the devices and trying again, but still no good. Sonos are not interested and in fact ignored that part of my support call.

So I am wondering if anyone else as seen the same ? and if so did you manage to fix?

Still progressing with Sonos and I am interested to see if anyone else as had the same experience.

Thanks in advance


Thanks for the heads up. What build version are you on? I’ve been on 7.0 for a while and everything is working fine. I didn’t receive an update yet…do you mind taking a screenshot of your versions. I want to make sure I don’t update if it comes through…

Hi Bobby

Thanks for the reply.

Just checked mine and it appears I was slighly wrong. The devices Play 1 and Play 3 are on the same version as you 7.0 build 34735162c it only the iphone app that is 7.0.1 build 34736072 so if its working for you then it must be somethings else that is causing me problems. I have noticed that in ST in things it states one Sonos as stopped and the other as paused whch is odd as I went to both , slected the same radio station and then stopped both playing… Looks like it could still be the same problems with ST as I had before. Will try a few things.

Thanks for letting me know your reply helps



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Ok update on this

For ST I found that deleting both Sonos devices from all routines and smart apps and then removing from ST before re discovering and setting up again seems to resolve the lack of response from ST …so far so good but done this before and problem re-occurred .only time will tell

Other issue I found which is not really an ST issue but might be related was on changing my router and thus my wifi network you need to update Sonos device…you need to connect the Sonos to a wired connection and run the wireless setup on the app…what they don’t tell you is that you have to do this for each Sonos device … if you don’t … the Sonos device will keep dropping out when used but also it appears does not up date the gateway /dns address’s so its present on the network and ability to respond are limited … once connected wired and the wireless setup run …problem solved… Shame Sonos tech did think to tell me this when I first asked !!!