New SmartThings (Samsung Connect) Not available on iPad but is on iPhone

(James L) #1

I’m not jumping the gun and converting yet. Just curious. I have been able to see and download the new app on my iPhone 6 for some time. However it does not show up on my iPad Air 2. Doesn’t matter what the filters are set to. If I try to share it from my iPhone the link won’t work. If I copy the link and it takes me to the App Store I get a message “Cannot connect to the App Store”. However the App Store works fine for everything else. Anyone else seen this?


Yes, its not been released for iPad yet.


Tablets are not supported.

(Jimmy) #4

This could be one of the many reasons they have said to stick with the Classic app.

(James L) #5

That answers that. Thanks. I do hope they plan on a tablet version before release.


It’s possible but thats where it stands now from the direct notes in the current update of the new app, which I haven’t applied. I stopped updating it a while ago as they have along way to go still :smile: