New SmartThings (Samsung Connect) Not available on iPad but is on iPhone

I’m not jumping the gun and converting yet. Just curious. I have been able to see and download the new app on my iPhone 6 for some time. However it does not show up on my iPad Air 2. Doesn’t matter what the filters are set to. If I try to share it from my iPhone the link won’t work. If I copy the link and it takes me to the App Store I get a message “Cannot connect to the App Store”. However the App Store works fine for everything else. Anyone else seen this?

Yes, its not been released for iPad yet.

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Tablets are not supported.

This could be one of the many reasons they have said to stick with the Classic app.

That answers that. Thanks. I do hope they plan on a tablet version before release.

It’s possible but thats where it stands now from the direct notes in the current update of the new app, which I haven’t applied. I stopped updating it a while ago as they have along way to go still :smile: