New Smartthings app is not compatible with my iPad, Classic was working fine

I have been using the Smartthings Classic for a long while, then I was forced to migrate to the new version. When I tried to install the new version I’m told it’s not compatible with my device :frowning:
I would like to be able to control my devices but now I’m locked out. Am I being forced to purchase a new iPad? That would be a dirty trick.
My iPad is iOS 9.3.5… as I said, Smartthings Classic was running just fine. I would like to be able to control my devices again (I have over 50).

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Oh, and one more thing, if I load the Smartthings Classic, it loads, shows my devices but in a few moments it tells me to get the new app and locks me out… It’s like a slap in the face.

Smartthings is smart enough to tell me to get the new app, but not smart enough to see the new app won’t run on my device?..

I assume you have an older iPad that can not be updated to a newer version of iOS?

Yes, Correct.

“Apple announced a partnership with Samsung, one of its fiercest rivals, on Sunday morning. … At the same time, Samsung also provides Apple with key components, such as screens and other hardware, for devices including the iPhone and iPad. Jan 6, 2019”

… Okay, so my device not being allowed to run the new app seems like a move to help Apple sell more hardware… SMH