Help Page for the New “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” App

As of April 7, most people in this forum have not yet been migrated to the new app, so we can’t answer a lot of questions about it yet as it works quite differently from the Classic app.

If you have the new app and need help with something the forum has not been able to answer, try the official help channel.

If you have the Classic app, do not install the new app until you have received an individual message from support that they are ready for you to use the new app or you can run into multiple problems. :disappointed_relieved:


I have a Galaxy S9 on the way. From what I’ve read, the Samsung Connect app will be pre-installed.

I’m still on the original Classic login and have not switched to my Samsung account.

My plan is to install the Classic app and not even open the Connect app. Any other advice?


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That is easier said then done actually. The Samsung connect app is baked into the phone. The only way to not log in is to not log into your samsung account on the phone at all. It is also used to manage things other then smartthings so if you have any bluetooth devices they will likely use samsung connect as well.

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Just want to mention that just because your account has been migrated doesn’t mean you should start using the new app.


Thanks, fixed above. :sunglasses:

I meant “migrate to the new app” but I assume you meant “migrate to a Samsung account” which I know is a different step.

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Hi there,

Is there any basic adaptations to do to self developed DTH so they can work with the Samsung SmartThings app installed on my S9+
Seems all devices work except those I wrote the DTH and of course they work fine using the old SmartThings app.

it says “Can’t connect to device. Check and try again”


Nothing official yet, but check out their public GitHub for changes they’ve made lately to their standard device handlers to work in the new app.

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Thanks I checked but except the fingerprint that I don’t implement and the ocfDeviceType that seems to be used but doesn’t solve the issue after implementation,I did not find a specific difference between an old fashion DTH and a new version that works with the new app. Will wait for more information, as long as the old app exists, I am not in trouble and my DTH users either.

Problem with new app and icons.

The TP-Link Smart App and Device handlers are finally ported to the new Samsung Connect. They work great in the classic app and pretty well in Samsung Connect - except:

Remote Links. If I use a remote link to call data or icons, and data/icon is not available, the Smart App cashes out with a network error in the app (no log). Issue is long-term, using remote links, if github is off-line then this becomes a failure mode for Samsung Connect. (The classic app just gives a blank icon or page of data, does not crash.)

Seen any discussion on this?