iPhone presence sensor?

Does the Smartthings app have to be active on the iPhone for it to work. It seems to see my phone OK but the wifes phone doesn’t register. I made sure she had the app active in the background. She is bad about dumping all the apps. I don’t know why she does that.

It should not need to be open, but things got worse after iOS 11. ST has been trying to improve IOS Mobile Presence, but it is still not as stable as it was on iOS 10.

Your wife has her own ST Account, correct? The two phones should be logged in with two different accounts to prevent conflicts. There is a guide online somewhere describing exactly how to do this. Simply put, you have to send her an invite from within your ST App on your phone.

I find the app does not need to be open, but lication services need to be allowed always. This drains my wife’s phone so I picked her up a presence sensor and find it more reliable.

As of the last update to the ST app it has been extremely reliable on both of my phones. However one is a 7+ and one is an 8+ so I wonder if the newer phones are more reliable. I have been using it since to enable/disable the alarm and have had no false alarms.

Make sure the ST app can access the location services always (in settings) as mentioned above.

Also, I highly recommend, if you have issues to utilize the feature in the menu to report presence detection issues. They added that recently and the more people submit the better it can get.

Thanks for the reply. I have done the whole invite thing and have an account for her also. The next reply below refers to locations services so I am going to look into that.

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Both phones are iPhone 7.