New Smartthings app not showing any smart apps

When I installed the new smartthings connect app I can’t see any smart apps listed in the automations section. When I try the plus button or add automation it directs me to the page that says select when you want to activate this automation.

The only way I have gotten it to work was to install the smartapp in the classic app and then only certain ones show up in the new app. For example, speaker companion shows up but smart locks does not.

Help!?! Please…

Which smart apps do you have installed in classic that aren’t showing up? Smart Home Monitor and Smart Locks are separate between the two, so they wouldn’t show up. But smart lighting, color coordinator, webcore, etc. should show the same in both versions of the app.

Also, some apps may be located in the Dashboard > Settings > Connected services


I can’t even add new smart apps even if I wanted to. That my issue. I read tutorials online that said go to automations then click add and then some suggested ones should show up but for me nothing shows up.

I.E how do i get smart locks for the new app if I can’t even search for it?

Also the smart lighting app I had to add it to the old classic app for it to show up in the nee one.

If you click on the + in the upper right of the screen in the Automations tab. Hopefully you should see the Smart Lock Guest Access

My plus takes me to the add condition screen. Any other thoughts? I tried deleting the app and reinstalling.

what region are you in?

in the US.

you should contact ST support at

Here’s the official support article. Definitely contact support if the menus don’t exist.

I had exactly the same problem. Check your account’s region at

Look under your profile, and you’ll see region. If it doesn’t look like this (see below), you’ll need to CALL Samsung’s customer support number. ST support can’t help, and they’ll refer you there too.


When you call they’ll validate your address, and then create another ticket for another group that will send you an email for verification. Once you do that, you’ll get another email and then within 24 hours your region will be updated by them.

Been there, done that…


Thanks John, you are right. It does not say United States.

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