Smartapp's not showing up in SmartThings on Mobile phone

I have the latest version of Smartthings on my Samsung phone but I don’t see anything that allows me to activate or install Smartapps that I have installed through the website? What am I missing? Are there multiple Smartthings applications?


Which apps? Some custom apps do require the SmartThings Classic to initially set up and some don’t.

I am trying to link my to my SmartThings. Everything seems to be done correctly in the web site.


I don’t see a market place or Smartapp anywhere on my mobile app.

Correct, there is no marketplace in the SmartThings app, only in the SmartThings Classic app. You can install and use both apps on your phone. When you install the SmartThings Classic app, just click on New to SmartThings when you login and use your Samsung account.

If the app requires ST Classic to install it, once you do, you should be able to access it from the SmartThings app. Two places to look - click on the three bars in the upper left and choose Automations or in settings under connected services.

Aha, that was what I was looking for. THANKS

what’s the solution now for this same issue as the classic app just redirects to the new one

Go here and download Vers 2.12 from 12/15/17. That version will work. (Android)