SmartApps not showing in new app

I have several SmartApps from SmartThings Classic that still show up in classic but not in the new app. It tries to load but then I see a guy sitting on a cloud and a button to add smart apps. Even if I try to add a new one nothing shows up.

Report it to, it may be due to a slow mobile app server or platform sync issues but only ST can fix this one. Ideally all your apps should show up automatically.

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Just curious… which smart apps are missing?

Only asking because some integrations show up instead in menu > settings > linked services


Thanks for this. Never even saw this section!

Strange that your posted screenshot shows Connected services and mine shows Linked services. Do you have Android with the latest version of the app installed? I am iOS. Connected services was the previous name that was used.

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FWIW, my Android says “Linked Services”.

I’ve don’t understand why this is under the Gear (settings) as opposed to being listed just on the menu next to Rooms, Devices, Scenes, Automations, etc. There’s a nice big space there for it, too.


Just updated:

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SmartThings changed name to Linked Services as most of the time those are Disconnected Services


Unfortunately this isn’t the case for me. I am not able to see any smart apps at all. Some of the smart apps I have include:
SHM Delay
Blue Iris Fusion
Vacation Lighting Director
ActionTiles V6
Smart Lighting
and a few more custom SmartApps…

SmartApps are shown in the menu (3 lines) => SmartApps. The ones in your list that I have (ActionTiles, webCoRE, Smart Lighting, etc), show up there for me. If they don’t for you, your best bet is to contact support (as was mentioned in the 2nd post).

Three more quick questions:
Do you see all your devices?
Any chance you use adguard or a pihole on your home network? Doubtful this is your situation but just asking in case.
Have you checked if you have multiple locations. Also doubtful this applies.

If you do see all your devices and have no pihole, etc… contact ST support and let them investigate.