New smartthings app, controlling STHM with WebCore

I could not find a new thread for this specifically, but I noticed the locations are tied together between the new and classic app. So using the following automatons in the new app I essentially tie the arm/stay/disarm setting to the classic app based on location. essentially letting me control the STHM in the new app via webCore or routines. This is a work around but has proven reliable since the new app came out last week, I like the idea of a delay for the alarm in the new app.

Yes, it became available with the latest app update. You can also arm/disarm using location services (presence) now but this part is not available through webcore, only the process you mentioned above.


there was a number of us got rather excited about this release :facepunch:


So are we able to control STHM with webCoRe yet?

not yet. you can use Automations to manage STHM :slight_smile:

I light all of my automation in one spot.
Then I don’t need to try to figure out what automation did what.
I have too many to have them scattered…

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