iOS 1.6.39 released (October 31, 2019)


Redesigned menu

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I seen it when I woke up this morning. I was like… “now ain’t that spooky” LOL.

I have to say. I’m liking the new update. Even more Cos I can do what I was asking yesterday about :slight_smile:

I hope to see this soon on Android, especially arm/disarm SHM with automations. That’s one of my major items for the new app to deliver and get me to seriously move away from Classic. Thanks for sharing.


Many of the menus have been redesigned or reorganized. But I like it

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I’ve tested the automation for arm/disarm this morning and it works a treat. And the bonus is that location modes are not unique in both apps they are a common mode so if you change the mode in webCoRe (for example) because it’s just one common mode that also appears changed in the new app. Which then means you can use automation in the new app to control security. Works really well. I’m one happy bunny.

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@Rizlah @jkp, you guys are getting my hopes up way too early this morning… Can’t wait to see this hit Android soon.

EDIT: perhaps sooner that later. My watch just got an ST update… come on ST!


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Sorry - the android release has been delayed until 2021.

Edit: just kidding!!!


Check your Google Play, Android is out too…

Was hoping they will enable the landscape mode for iPads as they did for Android tablets a few updates ago.

UPDATE: they did :slight_smile: They just didn’t list it in the release notes.

Let’s hope they resolved the logout issue. Haven’t noticed any logouts so far :slight_smile:

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The History page has changed. It previously contained Notifications and Activity. Now it only shows activity.

Notifications has been moved to a new Messages menu option.

OMG landscape mode for iPad! Never thought I’d see the day!


So I’ve been… well, ignoring the new app for a while, but it sounds like they fixed most of my issues.

So a couple questions:

  1. Can you can set SHM by location? That’s what it sounds like, but I don’t want to mess with that until I’m ready to switch.
  2. Did they ever fix it so you could unlock a lock with an automation? Seems like initially that wasn’t allowed.

Just playing catch-up since it sounds like progress has been made.

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Yes to both

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Does that mean arming/disarming with Geopresence? Or a button? (Not just arming)

I don’t have a button :slight_smile:

How about a switch?

Yes you can

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STHM automating…with anything :slight_smile:

IMO this release is HUGE. It captures a lot of what we have been screaming for.

  1. STHM automating
  2. installing Groovy smart apps
  3. text alert for an automation (in USA)
  4. fixes log out issue

I’m curious how the QR code scan works. I’m assuming its SmartThings devices only.


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