A little help with my SHM and location piston

hi need abit of help understanding why my pistion will not change from day to night.

First question… are you using the Classic app or the new app?

New app :+1:

OK… bad news for you. WebCoRE can not directly control STHM state of armed/away, armed/stay or disarmed in the new app.

The commands you used only control the SHM state in the Classic app. But as we all know by now, the Classic app will cease on Oct 14.

There are alternatives.

You can use webcore to manage location mode of home, away and night. And you could use automations in the new app to control STHM state.

Or you can use webcore for both but you would need to add a virtual device as a go between to manage STHM.

If you go to https://community.webcore.co there is someone who just posted how they are handling the same situation and how they are doing it.

I, myself, use a combination of webCoRE and automations.

Also - the first IF clause isn’t a trigger so it didn’t subscribe to anything. It needs to be a trigger such as ‘changes to’ rather than ‘IS’…

Also… not a fan of using “when true”

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A purist… :slight_smile:

Well, I was trying to avoid editing it since it would have failed anyway since it contained smart home monitor in the first IF block :wink:

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Ok best i go back to school…thought i was cleaning it up by just using webcore, previously i was using automation and webcore , so ill revert back

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I forgot the mention option #3 … use automations to manage both location mode and STHM state

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