Smartthings New App versus old - Geopresence? Basic routines?

This has likely been asked before, but I am not sure where to find it in the forums.
For the new SmartThings app, where or how does one look at people’s phone status to look at the away/arrived status/info? In the classic app they are listed under My Home/Things.

Other question. Is there a straight forward way to duplicate the Goodmorning, Goodnight, etc Routines on the New App? In the classic it is easy to enable my home alarmed status, set on some lights, etc and then also disable and set other lights with the I’m Back, ec.

In the new app, the only way to arm/disarm the Smart Home Monitor feature (which is a completely different feature from the one in the classic app, it just happens to have the same name :scream: ) Is based on the time of day or by doing it manually through the app. You can no longer do it with Geopresence. You also cannot unlock locks through an automation. :disappointed_relieved:

Routines are now just automations and folded in with all the other automations. Others can speak more to those details.

It should be noted that Webcore can not control SHM in the STSC app

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